Initially built in 1948 and experienced 70-years’ changes, Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has developed into a large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise.



Every year about 20 new products are put into market, 70% of sales come from the new products and high-tech products.




As a pharmaceutical company, product quality not only relates to patients’ life, but also concerns the development of enterprise.

The company mainly manufactures large and small volume injection, capsule, granule, tablet, dried suspension, washing fluid, and oral liquid with more than 100 kinds.




New Product

Every year More than 10 new products are put into market. In 2018, Moxifloxacin Injection, Sodium Acetate Ringer's Injection and Hemofiltration Replaced Basic Fluid have been approved by SFDA.

Large Volume Injection

The yearly ouput of key product large volume I.V solutionhas reached more than 1.5 billion bottles with glass bottle, plastic bottle and bag.

Small Volume Injection

The production line uses BFS three-in-one technology of Switzerland Rommelag Company.

Oral Preparation

Capsules, tablets, granules, oral liquids and other dosage forms are manufactured for patients.

Raw Material API

The main products are caffeine, theophylline, aminophylline and other products.

Each year we attend more than 10 world-wide exhibition to meet with customers from different countries and more than 30 foreign traders visit our company.


Lacosamide Tablet was approved by NMPA
Lacosamide Tablet was approved by NMPA

Our company, Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has obtained the approval of drug production registration for Lacosamide tablets (50mg and 100mg) from the National Medical Products Administration, which belongs to class 4 new chemical drugs and is regarded as passing the consistency evaluation.

Lacosamide can regulate the activity of sodium ion channel, effectively reduce sodium ion influx, reduce the excitability of neurons, and achieve the purpose of treating epilepsy, mainly used for the monotherapy and combination therapy of partial seizures in patients with epilepsy aged 4 years and above.
2021-11-19 14:14
Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is again ranking top 50 in China Chemical Drug R&D Strength
Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is again ranking top 50 in China Chemical Drug R&D Strength
Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is ranking top 50 in China Chemical Drug R&D Strength Once Again

On September 18, at the 2021 Conference on High Quality Development of Health Industry and the sixth Summit for China Pharmaceutical R&D Innovation (PDI) held in Chongqing, the list of 2021 Chinese Chemical pharmaceutical R&D Strength TOP100 was announced, and Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ranked 44th, once again ranked among the top 50 chemical pharmaceutical R&D strength in China.  


R&d investment is one of the important indicators of innovation capacity. According to Frost&Sullivan data, R&D investment of innovative pharmaceutical enterprises has continued to grow in the past five years. From 2016 to 2020, the total R&D investment in China has increased from 11.9 billion US dollars to 27 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.7%.  Twenty-four companies on the list spent more than 500 million yuan on R&D in 2020, while eight spent more than 1 billion yuan on R&D.  


With the policy implementation execute, the pharmaceutical industry market is facing a constant adjustment and differentiation, competitive situation from production as the core to research and development ability and drug innovation as the core, mainly on research and development of innovative enterprises will usher in unprecedented opportunities for development.  

2021-09-24 16:08
API Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride Manufactured by SSY Group was Approved
API Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride Manufactured by SSY Group was Approved

API Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride Manufactured by SSY Group was Approved 

Recently API Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride developed and applied by Hebei Guolong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., SSY Group was approved by NMPA to be used for the FPF.

FPF Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride Injection (2ml:0.2mg) applied by SSY Group also got the MA from NMPA and treated as consistency evaluation completion. 

Dexmedetomidine is a α2 adrenergic receptor agonists, it is maily used for sedation during tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation in patients undergoing surgery under general anesthesia.

2021-09-24 11:22



Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd achieved full automation of the production process and logistics management, and created a low-cost, low energy consumption and environmentally friendly leading and advanced infusion industry "green" production demonstration park in China and the world.

Full-controlled and full-closed...

The full-controlled batching system adopts the inter- national leading technical design of totally-enclosure system and realizes automatic cleaning, batching, weighing, on-line sterlization and automatic detection.

Full-controlled Water System

The full-controlled water system adopts advanced two-stage reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology and multi-effect energy-saving distillation technology, realizes automatic on-line detection, record, control and automatic flow regulation.

Products R&D Center

The comprehensive R&D center with total building area of 13000 ㎡ and its Support Animals Experiment Center of 2500 ㎡ are composed of Chinese and Western Medicines Laboratory, Quality Laboratory, Open Research Center and Intercourse Center.

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