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R & D results
  The Company has made a number of achievements in scientific research and undertaken many provincial major scientific and technological innovation projects and industrialization projects by firmly grasping the pulse of the world's pharmaceutical development, increasing new product development investment and accelerating the pace of technological innovation.Technological innovation capability of its leading infusion product walks in the forefront of domestic counterparts. The projects under research include various types of new drugs such as new class I drugs, new class III drug raw materials and preparations each year, its process is improved continuously, the kinds of therapeutic drugs are increased and more than 100 studies on plastic bottle and soft bag packing have been done. The Company has two types of exclusively developed drugs, three types of national class II medicine products, six types of traditional Chinese protective medicines, and dozens of new drug products above national class V drugs. Every year, a dozen of new products are come out in the Company, and more than 70 percent of the sales profits are from the newly developed products.
  As a high-level professional R & D institution integrating with pharmaceutical research, drug registration, clinical research, patent service and information management in one, it has established a pilot plant test laboratory and pilot plant test production line in accordance with GMP requirements, which can achieve multi-form and multi-specification pilot plant test production tests of the infusion, capsules, tablets, granules, micro pills, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, etc. It is identified as "Infusion solution security control technology platform in Hebei Province" and provincial "enterprise technology center" Complete the national science and technology support program subjects such as "Safety evaluation of new pharmaceutical excipients before clinical application and research on compatibility and safety of drug packaging materials".