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  As a pharmaceutical company, product quality not only relates to patients’ life, but also concerns the development of enterprise. To an enterprise after 70 years’ growth, “Quality is the life of an enterprise” is not only a slogan, but has been one part of enterprise culture, engraving in our mind and becoming the profound meaning of the enterprise development.

  Our company persisted in promoting the vendor quality management, established and perfected Level III quality management network and a complete set of Standard Management Program and Standard Operational Program. The quality audit to the supplier before raw material and excipients is carried in our company, the strict monitoring of the full-time quality supervisor to production process, quality inspection and technique check to the finished products before the products are released and quality tracing after sale ensured that the production can be controlled well.     
  As a special product, the quality of drugs is the key. Some of the key indicators of the Company are much higher than the national provision in Pharmacopoeia at the time of quality control, the Company always organizes the production in strict accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (2010 Revision) and has established a complete three-level quality assurance system for the production of the drugs of the Company so that the entire life cycle of the product is under control. Over the years, Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd always abiding by the quality belief of "Drug quality first and human health first", has achieved 100% first pass yield of ex-factory products and 100% qualified market sampling rate. Shimen brand infusion series products have been rated as brand-name products in Hebei Province for many years and enjoy a great quality reputation in domestic and overseas markets.