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Urapidil Hydrochloride Injection


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Urapidil Hydrochloride Injection

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Name:Urapidil Hydrochloride Injection


Specification::injection 5ml:25mg;10ml:50mg


Usage and Dosage:

1. Treatment of hypertensive crisis, severe and very severe hypertension, and refractory hypertension

1) Intravenous injection

Slowly inject 10-50 mg of uradil intravenously and monitor the change of blood pressure, the effect of lowering blood pressure is usually shown within 5 minutes. If the effect is not satisfactory, the drug may be repeated.

2)Continuous intravenous drip or use of infusion pumps

To maintain the antihypertensive effect of this product after intravenous injection, it may be given by continuous intravenous drip.

The product can be administered intravenously as a single injection, repeated intravenous injections or for a prolonged period of time, and can also be administered intravenously continuously after intravenous injection in order to maintain the stability of blood pressure. Patients should be placed in the prone position during intravenous administration. Toxicologically, the duration of treatment should not exceed 7 days.



It is used for the treatment of hypertensive crisis (e.g., rapid increase in blood pressure), severe and very severe hypertension, and refractory hypertension for the control of perioperative hypertension.

Urapidil Hydrochloride Injection has the following advantages:

1. Reducing pulmonary artery pressure and pulmonary vascular resistance; increasing cardiac output index; elevating mixed venous oxygen saturation

2. Does not elevate intracranial pressure, has neuroprotective effects, and reduces infarct size

3. Increase renal blood flow and decrease renal vascular resistance.

4. No reflex tachycardia, improve cardiac output, cardiac index and cardiac output, improve energy metabolism of ischemic myocardium and reduce lactic acid accumulation.

Urapidil Hydrochloride Injection reduces the anterior and posterior load of the heart, reduces myocardial oxygen consumption, increases cardiac output, does not cause reflex tachycardia, does not affect the heart rate; does not increase the intracranial pressure, does not affect the middle cerebral artery vascular hemodynamics, and is conducive to maintaining cerebral perfusion pressure. In addition, uradil hydrochloride injection also has the characteristics of increasing renal blood flow, decreasing renal vascular resistance, not increasing pulmonary blood shunt rate, not decreasing arterial blood oxygen partial pressure, etc

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